What Can I Put in My Wax Warmer

What Can I Put in My Wax Warmer

When you first start using a wax warmer, there is always the question of what to put in it. Do you need an expensive candle, or can any old jar of leftover scented oil do? The answer is that it depends on how often you want to change your scent and if you’re going to fill your home with fragrance all day long.

What Can I Put in My Wax Warmer

What can I put in my wax warmer? What you want to use is up to your discretion, but some popular items are tea lights, scented candles, incense sticks, and cones.

Wax Warmers are a new way to add some fragrance to your home. Some people love the scents of candles, but they can be smoky and possibly cause irritation for someone with allergies or asthma. They can also pose a fire risk if not handled properly. Wax warmers are great because you get all the benefits of candle fragrances without the hassle that comes along with them.

Here are a couple of great ideas for fragrances to use in your warmer

just remember, wax warmers work best when you don’t overload them!

If you love fresh scents:  Try a combination of orange and cinnamon or pine and fir. If you want to add some spice to your home, try cinnamon and clove or vanilla and anise.

If you love ocean scents:  Sea salt and lime are great—add in a little bit of eucalyptus for a fresh vibe. Try coconut with beach rose for a tropical twist.

If you want to go sweeter:  Baked apple and cinnamon will fill your home with the welcoming scents of autumn. Try a combination of lemon and ginger or mint and vanilla for your next candle.

Mixing oils can create unexpected smells! Grapefruit and clove are great for waking up in the morning, while lavender and oakmoss have calming effects.

If you want to try something new:  Cinnamon apple cider is great for the fall, while orange ginger is perfect for winter. Try grapefruit and coriander or sweet Mexican bakery for a festive touch that’s perfect around the holidays!

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What about wax warmers? Can they be used with all types of fragrance oils?

A wax warmer is a tool that has a lot of uses. It can be used to melt the wax and other hard materials, but it can also be used to warm your hands and feet.

A wax warmer is a device that has a small heater inside of it. The heat from the heater melts the wax, which then flows through the tube and onto your hands or feet.

There are many different kinds of wax warmers. Some are made with a plastic tube, and some are made with a glass tube. Glass tubes are generally better because they are easier to clean.

The most important thing to remember when using a wax warmer is to be careful not to burn yourself. The heat from the wax warmer can be very hot, so be careful to keep your hands and feet away from the wax warmer.

You should also be careful to keep the wax warmer away from children. They might get burned if they accidentally touch the hot wax.

If you use a wax warmer, make sure you clean it regularly. This will prevent the wax from hardening on the heater.

You can use any fragrance oil in a wax warmer, provided it is appropriately diluted with water. If you use highly concentrated oils, only use about 5–7 drops per half cup of water. Remember—less is more!

Can I put solid perfume in my wax warmer?

Sure! Melt the perfume by tipping your wax warmer back and forth to allow the solid perfume to flow onto the wax puddle.

How do I clean my oil warmer?

If you have a tealight warmer, you can simply wipe out the melted wax with a wet cloth. If your wax warmer uses bulbs to melt the wax, be sure to unplug it and allow all of the wax to harden. Clean the inside with soap and water, making sure to wipe out any excess water with a towel. Make sure the inside is completely dry before plugging it in again.


Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect scent for your home. You want something that will last, but you also don’t want anything too overpowering or expensive. To help narrow down your options, we’ve summarized what can I put in my wax warmer and how they liked them! Check out this list before deciding on a fragrance. Let us know if you decide to try any new scents so we can see how it goes!