Gigi Wax Warmer Kit

Gigi Wax Warmer Kit [with Instructions]

Hair Removal Wax Warmer Kit

The GiGi Wax Warmer is perfect for home use or salon. Its compact size makes it easy to keep on your desk, in your bathroom or closet, or anywhere else you need a quick wax. This warmer heats up the wax quickly and evenly so that you can apply it with ease. If you’re looking for an easy way to remove unwanted hair without the pain of hot wax then this product will be just what you’re looking for!

It comes with one 8 oz jar of GiGi Hot & Cold Brazilian Hard Wax and one 5 oz jar of GiGi Soft Touch Warmers which are all made from natural ingredients. The multi-purpose warmers can be used for waxing and also for soothing heat to help relieve stiff and aching muscles.

The GiGi wax warmer kit comes with 1 – 8 oz jar of GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax, 1 – 5 oz jar of GiGi Soft Touch Warmers; 2 x wooden spatulas; 1 x double wax heating pad (50-75 ml); 2 x large cotton inserts; 10 x paper strips; 4 x wood applicators; instructional DVD. With this kit, you can save 50%!

You can try GiGi Hair Removal Kit

GiGi Student Starter Hair Removal Kit is a beauty system for those who want to try out the traditional waxing technique.

The kit includes everything needed to remove hair from any part of the body: wax, cloth strips, and spatulas. The GiGi student starter hair removal kit makes it easy and affordable to get started with this ancient practice. Waxing requires no chemicals or lotions and can be done on dry skin.

It doesn’t need water, shaving cream, or even soap! Plus, you’ll see results in as little as two weeks! No more nicks or cuts that can happen with other methods like shaving because it removes all your hair at once rather than just cutting off parts of it as scissors do. You may find that your skin is less irritated over time due to waxing pulling the hair with its root, not cutting it as shaving does. You may even discover that with regular waxing treatments most people won’t even need to shave again!

GiGi Student Starter Hair Removal Kit comes with 15 ounces of GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax pre-measured into 1/4 lb. slabs, 50 reusable cloth strips, and two large spatulas.

Wax for All Skin and Hair Types

GiGi All Purpose Honee Hair Removal Soft Wax for All Skin and Hair Types is a waxing kit that can be used on all skin types. It features a formula designed by experts to remove the most stubborn hair, even those found in hard-to-reach places like underarms and bikini lines.

Unlike other products, GiGi Soft Wax does not require strips as it adheres directly to the skin so there’s no need to pull or yank at delicate facial hairs or sensitive body parts. The wax also contains aloe vera for soothing properties, providing an experience that’s more gentle than ever before.

With this starter kit, you get everything you need: step-by-step instructions and full leg, face, and bikini waxing. You can even take it with you on the go thanks to the stylish, flag-patterned tin case. Also included is a GiGi Natural Muslin Spatula for the application and removal of wax, as well as two fabric strips. This system is so easy to use that you’ll be waxing like a professional in no time!

GiGi All Purpose Honee Hair Removal Soft Wax for All Skin and Hair Types comes in three different flavors: original (light), fragrance-free (mild), and extra strength (hard). The starter kit has eight ounces of soft wax which makes up to 15 total treatments or 60 individual uses depending on hair type.

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GiGi Brazilian Hair Removal Waxing Kit

This is the question on every woman’s mind: how to remove hair? Since time immemorial, women have tried all sorts of ways to get rid of unwanted body hair. From plucking with tweezers and waxing with hot wax, to shaving and using depilatory creams, women have gone through a lot just for smooth skin. But what if there was an easier way?

A more effective way that took less time? A way that didn’t require any chemicals or sharp implements? Well, now there is! Introducing GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kits. These kits are made specifically for removing unwanted hair from most parts of the body including legs, arms pits, bikini line, and more! They’re easy to use at home which means no more scheduling appointments with the aestheticians in beauty salons. You can just do it yourself anytime and anywhere!

GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kits are made of high-quality ingredients, which contain no harsh chemicals or animal fats. Their paraffin wax is specially formulated for easy application on the skin to give you smooth skin even after the first use. It’s the safest and most effective wax for hair removal that you can find on the market today!

GiGi Mini Pro Hair Removal Waxing Kit

Do you want to get rid of hair without using chemicals? If so, GiGi Mini Pro Hair Removal Waxing Kit is the perfect product for you.

The kit includes everything needed to give yourself a full-body wax in the privacy of your own home. The waxworks on all skin types and remove hair from any part of the body including underarms, legs, bikini line, arms, and face.

Salon-Quality Waxing Essentials for Professional and At-Home Use

GiGi Mini Pro Hair Removal Waxing Kit includes a top-quality, salon-grade wax warmer and a complete line of salon-quality accessories.

The kit includes a color-coded Hair Removal Wax, Color Inhibitor Oil, and an Applicator Brush all in one sturdy carrying case for easy storage and travel. The waxing essentials in the kit are available individually as well, making it easy to restock your supply.

GiGi Professional Multi-Purpose Wax Warmer

The GiGi Professional Multi-Purpose Wax Warmer is a must-have for any salon. This product not only warms up the wax to make it ready for use but also helps keep your hands from getting cold when you’re using it.

The warmer has a built-in timer that turns off after a period of time or you can manually turn it off with the push of a button.

It also has an indicator light to let you know when it’s on and ready to go. Another cool feature is that this warmer will work with all types of wax including hard and soft! Buy one today and never be without warm wax again!

How to Use the GiGi Wax Warmer

Step by stop Gigi Wax Warmer Instructions:

Making your own warm massage oil is easy with this DIY wax warmer. Plug the device into an electrical outlet and slip on a cardboard collar to prevent any messes!

Place the GiGi hard wax into a heated container and leave it for at least 20 minutes on “H.” The honey-like consistency will appear as the thick layer of gooey, white material.

Place your jarred Gigi Wax in its own separate warming tray to start out with before placing it onto other layers or containers so that each one can be separated fully from air bubbles without hurting their physical integrity!

Pre-lotion before waxing, numbing spray to dull pain after cleansing, and treating your skin with a GiGi prep. It is important that you give yourself enough time for the prepping process as well as treatment of any other areas on which we would like our attention paid such as underarms or bikini line!

The best way to get started with making candles is by using a simple recipe. The first step in this process should be heating up your wax so it’s liquid-like and not solid at room temperature, which can take hours or days depending on how cold you want the final product.

Once that has happened remove about 1/4 cup (60ml) worth of warmed up “wax” from its container through an opening made specifically for pouring liquids into containers like cups over small bowls because if there weren’t any special tools available when I began then now all we need are just some flat bottomed cups filled right below their rim line! We don’t want all our hard work to be a waste after a whole lot of planning and preparation!

Take the container that you’ve been using for your wax and spoon out quantities that you’d like into the glass cups. Be sure to leave enough room at the top of each cup for adding in your additives like different colors, scents, and herbs.

Once your cups contain the completed product you can now take out your citronella tiki wicks and put them into place one by one. You can also make a match and start burning your tiki wick right away after you’ve sealed it into your freshly made bug repellant candle!

You can take out the rest of the small scraps that are leftover and re-use them to make more candles or add them to an existing bowl in your home like the ones in the bathroom for making it smell good and look pretty!